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Wed, 23 May 2007 15:39:09 GMT

Paris Hilton to Pen Her Jail Visit in a ‘prison Diary’

Paris Hilton to Pen Her Jail Visit in a ‘prison Diary’
Celebrities will be celebrities, and if the celebrity in question happens to be Paris Hilton, then each move is bound to be an extraordinary move.

This social butterfly leaves no stone unturned when it comes to grab the limelight, and she does it with such an amazing accuracy that all the head banging done by her critics turn to her favour.

In her latest move, Paris Hilton has decided that she will make a detailed diary of her 23-day jail visit, and plans to sell the same after she serves her sentence for driving while banned.

A source revealed:

There will be details of clashes with prisoners and disgusting meals. She thinks this will show she is paying her debt to society.

Paris Hilton, 26, was caught driving with a banned license and was sentenced to a 45-day prison term, but got the sentence halved to 23 days by turning up for her last court date and impressing the authorities with her good behaviour.

Paris must report to Century Regional Detention Facility in Los Angeles by June 5, where she will be housed in a ’special needs’ unit.

Bon voyage, Paris.


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Wed, 23 May 2007 08:35:38 GMT

Metamorphosis of Sugar Cane: The New Eco Friendly Plastic Bags

Metamorphosis of Sugar Cane: The New Eco Friendly Plastic Bags
As most of us know, the plastic bags that are used in the grocery store by you or me arent very eco-friendly. These bags are developed from various petrochemical sources, which are detrimental to the planets health. So, in order to develop more eco-friendly plastic products, researchers turned to the sugary sugar cane for better results.

According to the researchers, sugarcane can be processed environment friendly plastic bags. This process will be taken care of by an American Industrial Biotech companMetabolix.

Along with the American firm Metabolix, the University of QCooperative Research Center for Sugar Industry Innovation (CRC-SSI) as well as the KAIST (recognized as MIT of South Korea) are together looking into this matter. The Queensland minister of state will be signing the deal between the University of Queensland and the Boston based firm Metabolix. By balancing the Queenslands sugarcane production and South Koreas expertise in the chemical industry, sugarcane will be turned into more eco-friendly plastic.

This program is mostly known as sugar cane plastics program. The International collaboration between the three organizations (KAIST of South Korea, CRCSIIB of Queensland and Metabolix of Boston) will yield the following results:

this process will result in eco friendly plastic bags which will be based on bio products instead of petrochemical products.

create hyper-efficient bio refineries that will convert sugarcane into green products.

Bio tech CEO Dr. Peter Twine mentions the new products developed by this process have excellent life. The new polymers according to him will be longer lasting since they are heat resistant and will also be made from bio friendly products.

Queensland govt. has committed $1.5 billion to the life sciences and bio tech industries in the state.

The minister for state Development John Mickel said:

Metabolix currently produces natural plastic from renewable, biodegradable resources, such as corn, providing a renewable alternative to petroleum-based plastics. I think this type of product will become more and more popular as environmentally-aware consumers turn more and more to environmentally-friendly products such as this.

Hopefully, this international collaboration will make people more aware about developing the so-called green products. With the daily depletion of conventional sources of materials and energy, people are looking for different sources that are present in the world today. The sugarcane to plastic program is just a start, and a signal of good things to come in future.

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Sun, 20 May 2007 23:40:02 GMT

The beatification of Blair

The beatification of Blair
It is well know that Tony Blair is a religious man, that Cherie and the family are practising Catholics and that Blair himself has been quietly moving towards Rome.

Rightly and properly he has always maintained that his faith is a private matter.

Fascinating, though, to read in today's Times that:
Blair will be welcomed into Catholic fold via his 'baptism of desire'

Tony Blair will declare himself a Roman Catholic on leaving Downing Street, according to a priest close to him.

Father Seed said: "He's been going to Mass every Sunday. He goes on his own when he is abroad, not just when he is with his wife and children." Another church source said that many of the early saints and martyrs were not baptised. Such people were held to have had a "baptism of desire". Saints and martyrs?

In view of the Prime Minister's eminence we can surely expect an accelerated beatification. Canonisation is the final step. However, in the case of a candidate who is not a martyr, the church looks for another authentic miracle attributed to the candidate's intercession, as a sign from God of the candidate's heroic holiness.

There can be little doubt about Tony Blair's heroic holiness. It is indeed chronicled every fortnight in Private Eye (see the latest sermon from The Vicar of St Albion here )

So, we all accept that he is heroically holy. But looking back over the last ten years, I am struggling to find evidence of a miracle.

Can anyone help?Labels: beatification, Blair, canonisation

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Sun, 20 May 2007 23:37:00 GMT

Will China Take Outsourcing Market From India?

Will China Take Outsourcing Market From India?
My hat's off to Arijit Sengupta, or "Apu" as he prefers to be callRational Outsourcing Blog. Apu made me think about something I don't consider often - outsourcing to China.

Usually, when we think of China's exports we think of stuff. China makes things and then exports them. At least that's the stereotype.

Apu's recent The secret weapon of the Chinese BPO industry, points out that China's Business Process Outsourcing sector is often more labor efficient than India's. But the BPO industry in China is focused primarily on domestic markets.

If international investment ever takes full advantage of BPO in China to export services (instead of goods), India's BPO companies may well eventually have to look for another line of work.

While I think Apu is right in his evaluation that labor efficiency in China's BPO industry could challenge India's dominance of the international scene, one question that came to my mind as I read his blog had to do with language - with proficiency in foreign languages. If China's BPO industry moved more aggressively into the international scene, could BPO companies there find (or create) the necessary worker with the required language skills? Time will tell. But with English as an official language, India still has a linguistic advantage, I suspect, over China.

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Sun, 20 May 2007 23:33:32 GMT

What Is Vertical Search?

What Is Vertical Search?
Have you any idea what vertical search means? If the answer is on the negative, you are not alone in the dilemma. This is because most people don't have any idea what the term imply.

Vertical search, otherwise called specialty search or specialized search, is the exact opposite of regular search. When you use major search engines - Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Ask - for any general-purpose query, then you are doing 'horizontal' or 'regular' search where spiders crawl across a wide range of material. The spectrum covers sports, medical, news and shopping sites

With vertical search, you trim vertically through a particular topic. For instance, you are doing search against the medical information or certain information. This type of search has concentration and could make for more relevant results.

Do you have a particular query? Vertical search could aid you quite well than horizontal search. There's so much information out there. Thus, it is for you to trim it down to yield the most relevant and useful.

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Sun, 20 May 2007 23:29:52 GMT

Here Today, Erased Tomorrow

Here Today, Erased Tomorrow
"There are several members with hundreds of pages (myself included) of content created by them, posted on the site. Should the site be sold tomorrow and the rules changed......what then? Just some food for thougInternet Business Solutions Team (May 6)

What if you put a lot of time and effort into creating the best social networking profile you could. You blogged on it every day and poured your heart and soul into it. Added photos, videos, music and a lot more. You were really proud of it.

Then one day you went to your profile to update it and.... "WACK!". It's all gone. Gone! Now what?

I'm not going to ask you what you would do, I'm sure you'd be devastated, maybe even cry quite a bit. Would you start over? Maybe. Or, maybe you'd never go back to social networking again. Too scared that all your hopes and dreams would be crushed like an over ripe tomato all over again.

This is not fantasy. It's happened before and, I'm sure, it'll happen again.

Many years ago, when I was new to the Net I created a Web site on an old Web site hosting service. I was proud of it because it was my first. Then one day I went there to find out the hosting site has closed shop. My site was gone.

Happened again a couple years later. I created a Web site on a hosting site that still exists, well the site exists but they don't host anymore. What I didn't know is that they have a little thing in their service plan that says that if you don't get X number of visitors to your site each month your site will be erased. I was horrified to find out one morning that my site was gone.

I hear about a woman who had her wedding album on a photo site. This photo site has a clause that you must buy something from them every six months. One day she woke up to find out her whole wedding album was gone. No back up. She didn't have a back up and neither did the company. Wiped out.

So be careful who you invest your thoughts and dreams with. Read the fine print and make sure they're not going out of business anytime soon. If you have important things like photos or special memories, keep a back up.

I would love to hear from any of you who have had similar experiences. Ever lost a Web site? Tell us all about it.

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Sun, 20 May 2007 22:26:47 GMT

Radio Stations Come Alive

Radio Stations Come Alive
"Clear Channel Communication's online group, Clear Channel Online Music & Radio (CCOM&R), has launched beta versions of social networking mini sites on seven current radio station web sites" gadgetell (May 7)

Radio stations are coming into the social network age. Soon you'll be able to create profile pages on the Web sites of your favorite radio stations. Then you can chat with other people who also listen to the same radio station.

Clear Channel Communication's radio stations are already letting you do this. The social networking features you'll be able to use on their site will include such features as a chat feature, blog, personal avatar and a customizable profile.

If my favorite radio station had social networking features I think I would have a profile there. I could find out what other people, local people, think about the news, new music and other things that would be talked about on the site. I might even meet someone who lives near me that has the same interests. That would be a cool side feature.

Will social networking features on radio stations lead to more loyal listeners? Will listeners use these features?

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Sun, 20 May 2007 19:21:43 GMT

Home Office Noise Management

Home Office Noise Management
If you are always having a stressful day because of some noise from your surrounding and you want to reduce the noise to concentrate in your home business? Or do you want to avoid making your neighbors get you out of your business because of the annoyance caused by the noise from your business? Here are ways to do it:

Locate the source of noise.
The most basic way to handle noise, just about any noise is to find out what causes the noise and where it's coming from. If you know where it is, you can make the right steps to target that area and make corrections. Determine also when these disturbances occur. Is your home business otherwise quiet except for the 8:00 traffic or do the neighbor's dogs begin barking at 6 p.m. when their owner comes home?

Use carpeting.
If much of the noise in your home business office comes from the footfalls, put carpeting on the floor, especially on heavy traffic areas. Carpeting mutes the noise of shoes and heels and also absorbs sounds.

Use fabric.
Heavy fabric is effective in blocking out noise whether from the outside or from the inside. If your home business makes the kind of noise that will disturb your neighbors, heavy curtains and draperies can block the sound well.

If noise comes or goes through the windows and doors, simply apply soundproofing or replace your windows and doors with soundproof units. Soundproof windows are not the same as your usual double pane windows. Soundproof windows are thicker because the space between the glass panels is a tad wider than usual, so sound is
effectively blocked.

For your doors, get a thick, solid door that is well fitted. Check to see if the frame and the edges of the door are tight, without any crevices or gaps. Thick doors will keep the noise away. If you're dealing with a much louder ruckus, consider applying soundproofing material to both the door and the frame.

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Sun, 20 May 2007 14:49:01 GMT

Ryan Phillippe is Britneys New ‘crush’

Ryan Phillippe is Britneys New ‘crush’
If reports are to be believed then the Hollywood sensation Britney Spears is falling for Ryan Phillippe. The singer was spotted dancing with Ryan at Hollywood’s Les Deux nightclub and then the duo pushed off in the same car.

A news on Gossip website X17online read:

Britney hung out with her friends and security guard in the VIP area of the club. She looked really happy. Ryan was there too and they left within two minutes of each other at 3am.

Britney, who divorced Kevin Federline earlier this year was also dating musician Howie Day some time ago. Ryan the ex husband of actress Reese Witherspoon is famous for dating many Hollywood beauties.
Prior to Britney he was seeing Ashlee Simpson.

Actor Bruce Willis’ 18-year-old daughter Rumer was also spotted at the club.Image

Source: Stuff

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Sun, 20 May 2007 11:35:56 GMT

Dell lawsuit: what's ahead?

Dell lawsuit: what's ahead?
Earlier this year, I did an entry looking at Dell's accounting problems and how it had run into with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

At the time, I suggested that Dell's accounting headaches were just a small part of a much more troubling picture.

Now the problems continue with reports that New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has filed a lawsuit alleging, among other things, that Dell cheated on its customers by luring them in with zero percent financing, then switching them to a higher rate without their knowledge at the time of purchase. He's also accused Dell of selling onsite computer repair programs but failing to deliver.

"At Dell, customer service means no service at all. Dell's consumers were intentionally misled, and they had to pay for that privilege. I hope this lawsuit sends a message to companies large and small that delivering a product is simply not enough - the promises they make must be delivered as well,'' Cuomo said in his statement.

Cuomo has aentry to drum up complaints against Dell.

Investors didn't seem to mind. In fact, they seemed relieved and bought into the stock. Analysts told Reuters that investors were pleased the rumor that Dell was in more trouble with the SEC was false.

Another reason for the share price gain was Michael Dell announcing plans to start selling personal computers in retail stores, basically turning the business model that had made the company so successful on its head.

Interesting times for Dell. Watch this space.

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