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Thu, 25 Dec 2008 00:20:19 GMT

Barack Obama's Watches

Barack Obama's Watches
So which watch does Barack Obama wear? No sooner had he hit the campaign trail, in early 2007, than the "watch guys" started studying the photos, trying to identify his watch. With an image for being somewhat casual, and summertime tours through the Southern states, he often rolled up his sleeves.

And when he rolled up his sleeves, the watch freaks saw a big, stylish watch.... not the usual plastic Timex or Casio, so popular among those running for office (or in office), but a large, light-dialed sport style watch. Most experts saw a light-dialed TAG-Heuer sports watch, one of the common quartz watches of the mid-1990"s.

Then suddenly, something strange happened late in the year 2007.

(via Grow-A-Brain)

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Tue, 23 Dec 2008 03:47:37 GMT

The Class

The Class
LA Weekly"s Ella Taylor on The Class: "As in Human Resources and the devastating Time Out ([Laurent] Cantet seems most at ease in the workplace, which may be why Heading South, about sex tourism in Haiti, is his only misfire), he builds thickly detailed experiential worlds through which he slowly leaks the pressing problems of our age - unemployment, downsizing, and now, in The Class, the changing meaning of education in a multiracial, heavily immigrant environment, where the very idea of a unifying culture has all but broken down. If that sounds dry, it"s anything but."

Updated through 12/22.

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Tue, 23 Dec 2008 03:43:49 GMT

The wolves of Roundrock

The wolves of Roundrock

We came upon this spider on our perimeter ramble last week. I saw it sitting on the rock you see in the top of the photo. I suppose it was trying to collect whatever heat it could on that cold, sunless day. I rarely see these spiders, at least not for long. I’ve grouped them in the wolf spider category, but I don’t know that to be the case. When I spot them, it’s usually for an instant before they dart away. So it was that I told #2 Son Adam that there was no point trying to get a picture of it. The task of bending low to get close enuf would scare the spider into the leaf litter.

Adam is always up for a challenge, though, especially if it means proving the old man wrong. He took the camera from me and proceeded to lean in for three really good shots before the spider sauntered away. I suppose it was too cold to make a hasty retreat. (Had I realized that, maybe I would have been the one taking the successful shots.)

Wolf spiders are hunters, going after prey rather than waiting for it to come to them in a web. I don’t know how much food there was out and about on that day, but I wished it luck.

Missouri calendar:

  • Red foxes begin mating this month; listen for their barks and squalls.
Today in Missouri history:

  • Firebrand abolitionist John Brown heads a raid into Vernon County, Missouri on this date in 1858. He liberated eleven slaves by force.
  • The first railroad west from Kansas City began operation on this date in 1864, even before it had arrived in Kansas City from the east.

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Tue, 23 Dec 2008 02:36:18 GMT

Gift for the foodie who is also an art lover

Gift for the foodie who is also an art lover
What could be better than a delicious Granny Smith apple in your hand? Why one on your wall of course!

This lovely painting is by Toronto artist Vince McIndoe whose work is featured in many restaurants and private homes alike. We love his still life paintings featuring single food items but also stunning are his retro fab posters.

Need a McIndoe for the art loving foodie on your gift list? Email Vince (at) myconnection (dot) ca. I’m sure he’ll be able to hook you up!

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Tue, 23 Dec 2008 02:30:01 GMT

Marc Jacobs Eugenie Glitter Studs Wristlet

Marc Jacobs Eugenie Glitter Studs Wristlet
Shine like thereâ€-s no tomorrow with this piece by the Marc Jacobs Collection. This is definitely a clutch Iâ€-d love to wear to any holiday event! What a pretty little gem Marc Jacobs presents to us for the season, meet the Eugenie Glitter Studs Wristlet. Glitter and studs? Yeah, thatâ€-s a collaboration I typically wouldnâ€-t wear at one time; or more like, never, but Mr. Marc fits all these details in perfectly, and successfully creates this pretty. Will metallics ever go out of style for good? I donâ€-t think so. Crinkly metallic leather, once again, is in for the upcoming season, and whoever said you canâ€-t do gold and silver at once is wrong, Marc thinks you can as he adds gold plated studs and hardware to the Eugenie. Front flap closure, a logoed patch, and a hidden zipper compartment can be found on this 9.5″x 6.5″x 1″ clutch. Girls, whatâ€-s your input towards the Eugenie, do you like this? If so, you can find this foiled accessory carrying a fairly reasonable price tag of $595. Ok, so itâ€-s a bit steep for a wristlet, but then again, weâ€-re talking Marc Jacobs here.

Shop Marc Jacobs Collection over at: eLUXURY.

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Wed, 17 Dec 2008 21:52:37 GMT

Survival bracelet looks good

Survival bracelet looks good
I"m not the kind of girl who often has the need for 15 to 20 feet of 550-pound test paracord (I"d rather walk over hot coals than camp again, and don"t get me started on extreme sports) but if you"re a more rugged type than me, you might be interested in this survival bracelet from Survival Straps.

Not only does it look good as a piece of rugged, rustic jewelry, it can be unwound if you"re ever in a sticky situation, and once you"ve made it back to safety (crossed a river, made it down a mountain, whatever) just send it back for re-winding. Prices start at $20. I"d like to see Tiffany try to match that.

Via Boing Boing Gadgets.

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Sat, 06 Dec 2008 20:32:40 GMT

Which Of These Calendars Would You Choose

Which Of These Calendars Would You Choose
Which Of These Calendars Would You Choose.Its time to update the calendars, a few more days are left in the year 2008, and here are some of the calendars we present to you to make a choice.

Bubble Calendar:

Bubble Calendar is a poster-size calendar (48" x 18" or 122cm x 46cm) with bubbles for everyday, the type is Helvetica Neue and it''s printed on thick clear acetate. And you can buy one for $49.95.

Seeing Eye Calendar:

Seeing eye calendar measures 11" x 23", an excellent option to test your vision; Sundays are red, the rest are black - a minor detail. Costs $28.00 each.

Smile It:

Not every day we live is successful or joyful, but when you do have a wonderful day then its worthy of making it noticeable in your calendar. So when it''s a happy day, then you can make it evident with a yellow smiley and when its something which you didn''t like, then its with a black emoticon. Then you have something to look and compare for yourself how many times you have been joyful.

Paperweight Calendar:

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Sun, 23 Nov 2008 16:38:55 GMT

Canadians becoming cuckoo for Korean kimchi

Canadians becoming cuckoo for Korean kimchi
For a few weeks now, I''ve been planning to write a post about the rising popularity of Korean food. A spate of recent PR driven articles in foodservice publications and the main stream press show that other food writers have taken notice of this cuisine while the three-foot high letters on a banner over the checkouts at my local T&T Chinese supermarket proclaim "We Love Korean Food” prove that retailers have figured out that consumers are kooky for kimchi, too.

So, I was very pleased by the serendipity in life when Martin came home Friday with a little care package from our Korean friend and food lover, Jee. She has cooked for us many times and often sends little bits of this and that over for us to try. Through Jee I''ve learned a lot about Korean cooking and ingredients and she is my go-to-it person for all Korean cuisine questions.

Friday''s eggplant-based pickle seemed a bit mild by normal Jee standards, but it was delicious and for several days I served it to everyone who''d try a bite, proudly proclaiming it a Korean delicacy. Oddly, I didn''t serve it with Korean food: I had some with crackers and cheese and I plunked a bowl of this pickle on the table when I served duck and rice stuffed lotus leaves (a Chinese dim sum standard - more on that recipe later this week) for dinner.

When a few days later Vince, Jee''s husband, dropped by, I asked him what this wonderful eggplanty goodness was called.

"I don''t know," he said. "Jee bought a huge jar of it at the Japanese grocery store. There was no way we could eat it all and since she thought you''d like it, she sent some over."

I was momentarily chagrined since I''d already taken the photo above and had plans for my Korean post. Now what was I going to write?

Then I realized that this situation is a wonderful example of daily life in Toronto. Where else can your Korean friend send over Japanese food that you serve with Chinese food? If that isn''t an example of living in a cosmopolitan city, I don''t know what is!

Now, back to Korean food.... have you noticed more Korean restaurants or recipes turning up lately? And, if you have, will you be jumping on the bandwagon or waving as it goes by?

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Sun, 23 Nov 2008 08:49:53 GMT



Roundrock should be full of this stuff. Missouri about smack dab in the middle of American bittersweet’s range, but as far as we’ve seen in all of our ramblings, we’ve only found two of the plants, on opposite sides of the lake, and one of them we’ve never seen again after the first time we spotted years ago.

I’m assuming this is American bittersweet and not the Oriental variety that is sold as a landscaping specimen. That fact that it’s deep in my forest in a very rural part of the state let’s me think this is the native plant and not the invasive ornamental variety. Of course to be sure I’d have to climb high into the spindly tree this vine is growing into (to find the light) and see if the leaves are alternate on the stems.

Actually, I can know that I have more of these plants by the fact that I have one that is bearing fruit. Bittersweet comes in male and female plants, so for this female to have fruited, a male plant must be nearby. Funny that I’ve never taken the time to look for it, but I suppose the male plant doesn’t have all of the flash the female does.

The fruits you see in my hand had fallen from the top of the vine where the rest of the fruit was growing.

Missouri calendar:

  • Veterans Day
Today in Missouri history:

  • Charles Bent was born on this date in 1799. The Missourian became the territorial governor of New Mexico and was killed in the Taos Rebellion on January 18, 1847.

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Sun, 23 Nov 2008 02:32:33 GMT

Stress-Free Home Eating for Thanksgiving

Stress-Free Home Eating for Thanksgiving
If you are in the White Plains, New York, area then you can take advantage of a stress-free at home dinner option that The Ritz Carlton Westchester is offering. Executive Chef James Dangler and his staff have created Thanksgiving To-Go, a full dinner for four, six or more that you just pick up and take home.

If you want to take advantage, then place an order and pick it up between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

Not convinced? Listen to this menu:

The festive meal will start by warming up with harvest squash bisque, then diners will enjoy an array of refreshing salads including traditional Caesar, mixed baby potato salad garnished with sweet apple and mint, and a roasted beet salad with goat cheese and micro arugula. For the main course, select either a 14-16 pound whole roasted turkey with sage cornbread stuffing or a honey glazed ham. Delicious sides include candied sweet potatoes with spiced pecans, boursin mashed potatoes, traditional cranberry sauce, French green beans, baby carrots and pearl onions, and more. Dessert lovers will enjoy traditional pumpkin pie and a choice of either apple pie or chocolate mousse cake. Extra portions of sides and dessert are available by request for additional fees.

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