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Mon, 31 Mar 2008 00:48:23 GMT

Pontiac's Corvette Look-alike for Sale on e-Bay

Pontiac's Corvette Look-alike for Sale on e-Bay
No, that's not a Corvette, though the similarity is striking. It's a 1964 Pontiac Banshee concept that never got past the prototype stage when GM management worried that it would threaten Corvette's lofty status. No wonder John Delorean eventually left to build his own sports car! Actually the Banshee was intended as a competitor for the Mustang. The dynamic styling and unique overhead-cam inline six certainly would have cut into Mustang sales because of the latter's more conservative styling and uninspiring base six. Fortunately the Banshee was saved from the crusher and eventually came into the possession of Len Napoli, a Connecticut car dealer, who bought the car for a mere $214,500 at the 2006 Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale. Late last year Napoli offered it on eBay for $1.3 million but there were no takers. Now it's back with the price raised by an additional $200,000. Is Mr. Napoli asking too much, perhaps? Thanks to Autoblog for this lead.

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Sun, 30 Mar 2008 22:50:33 GMT

Spring's Eccentric Old Ladies!

Spring's Eccentric Old Ladies!
Collective muses of the season seem to be “Big Edie” and “Little Edie” of “Grey Gardens” fame. The cult documentary, which followed the squalar, isolation and faded eccentricities of Jackie O’s aunt and cousin in East Hampton, directly inspired Galliano’s S/S show and is currently being remade into a feature film starring Drew Barrymore.

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Wed, 19 Mar 2008 01:54:21 GMT

Toyota Trounces GM

Toyota Trounces GM
Fortune magazine just announced their choices for the Most Admired Companies. General Electric led the charge.

GM seems to have lost another battle to Toyota. The Japanese automaker was the only car manufacturer to make it into the top 10 of the list. GM was an also ran while Toyota scored an impressive third.

Also receiving kudos's from Fortune were BMW and CarMax.

To create the top 20, Fortune and its survey partners at Hay Group asked 3,322 executives, directors, and securities analysts to select the 10 companies they admire most. Having fresh ideas and being green are among the qualities that distinguish this year's winners.

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March 18, 2008, 5:06 AM CT

The big gamble

The big gamble
Despite cuts in interest rates, the problems on the US real estate and banking markets have still not been solved and form the epicenter of a financial crisis in the OECD countries. The wave of asset-backed securities in the 1990s, in which the banks passed their credits on to the capital market, led to dubious developments. In view of the crisis faced by the British bank Northern Rock, which caused an almost unprecedented shock in Britain, the economist Paul J.J. Welfens sees the inadequate protection of deposits and poor banking supervision in Britain - and in other OECD countries - as the root of the problem. Typically in an article on the ongoing banking crisis recently reported in the springer journal international economics and economic policy, he writes that the leading finance centers are responsible for the shocking international crisis characterized by a loss of confidence in major markets.

Along with their British counterparts, the large US banks lost all sense of proportion in the 1990s, harboring unreasonable expectations of a return on equity of 25-30 percent. With interest rates at four percent for risk-free government bonds, the difference of up to 30 percent corresponds to a risk premium of 26 percent. As per Welfens, President of the European Institute for International Economic Relations (EIIW) at the University of Wuppertal, Gera number of, the banks' behavior amounts to a casino mentality. In his article, he writes that such large commitments on the part of the banks are a very high risk investment. Compared with the rates of equity of 10-15 percent traditionally regarded as normal, the targets in New York and London appear excessive; they are not sustainable and are ultimately dangerous for the global economy. Welfens believes that the crisis will continue or reoccur if banking supervision systems are not improved and sensible tax reforms carried out in both the USA and the EU, thus creating new incentives for more sustainable investment strategies. New and better rules under the heading of Basel III are required.........

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Thu, 13 Mar 2008 03:12:45 GMT

Ferrari Parked Here, Onlookers Beware

Ferrari Parked Here, Onlookers Beware
You won't find one of these parked by the curb in your neighborhood unless the owner is participating in a notable classic car event. Which is why this historic Ferrari 375 MM, body by Pininfarina, stood still long enough to be photographed. It was one of a number of entrants in the Palm Springs Desert Classic Concours that took to the road for a tour of the area, giving residents and visitors a rare look at some equally rare cars being driven rather than awaiting their place on the grass. Because the 375 MM is as much race car as road car, our photographer reported that its raucous engine could be heard roaring (and sometimes sputtering, as thoroughbreds will) for several blocks. A racing version of the "Tipo 375" allegedly developed as much as 380 hp from its Lampredi-designed V-12. And that, friends, was way back in 1951! No wonder that this 375 MM sounded like instant bedlam when the engine was started.

[Photo: Mel Satok]

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Mon, 10 Mar 2008 00:46:22 GMT

Crepe Crochet Dress by Francine

Crepe Crochet Dress by Francine
Like me, you might be a bit hesitant to give the sheer trend a go this Spring/Summer, (there is always the inherent risk of looking cheap or inappropriate with the wrong material or design). Also, some of us might still be fighting the old connotation that sheer garments are only decoys to cover up less-than-toned arms or other bodily misgivings.

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Tue, 04 Mar 2008 01:40:58 GMT

Sienna Miller Is Making News Again

Sienna Miller Is Making News Again
It looks as if Sienna Miller is finally over the Jude Law debacle

Reports abound that Sienna and current squeeze, Rhys Ifans, can't seem to keep their hands off each other and aren't making any effort to stay out of sight.

Check out the high school-like romance being carried on by Sienna Miller - Rhys Ifans, and while you're there see what Rihanna and Chris Brown are, or aren't up to.


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Sun, 02 Mar 2008 07:42:03 GMT

The hidden war

The hidden war
A noticeable lack of unembedded reporting on the Iraq war has lead to a corresponding lack of information about the realities of this war. What truths go unreported? Will the Bush administration attack Iran? What will the increased militarization in Pakistan mean for the Middle East? How will the United States government and the people respond?

On this edition, independent journalists David Barsamian and Dahr Jamail tackle Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and our relationship to each of these countries. Hear their provocative conversation
Greener Magazine

An hour-long version of this program is available here.


David Barsamian and Dahr Jamail, book authors and independent journalists.

Music: "Fly Away" Omar Faruk Tekbilek, "Long Wait" Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Senior Producer/Host: Tena Rubio
Associate Producer: Puck Lo
Interns: Samson Reiny, Joaquin Palomino and Elena Botkin-Levy

This show was produced by Elena Botkin-Levy as part of Making Contact''s internship program.

For more information::

David Barsamian
Targeting Iran with Noam Chomsky, Ervand Abrahamian, Nahid Mozaffari
City Lights, Booksellers and Publishers

Dahr Jamail
Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq
Haymarket Books

Dahr Jamail''s Mideast Dispatches

David Barsamian
Alternative Radio
P.O. Box 551
Boulder, Colorado 80306
800-444-1977 (voice)

"The Growing Iraqi Refugee Crisis," audio program
Making Contact

"The Iran Agenda," audio program
Making Contact

Reporters without Borders
Southern Railway Building
1500 K Street, NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20005

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Sat, 01 Mar 2008 23:53:53 GMT

Carry That Weight - Re-revisited

Carry That Weight - Re-revisited
Way back in a year they once called 2005, I made a post about a snag that had fallen on top of a nearby Blackjack Oak tree, bending it to the ground. Then, just over two years ago, I went back to the tree to see how things were holding up (or down?), and I made a post about what I found then.

On my last visit to Roundrock, I stopped by the tree again, and here is what I found this time:

That little tree is still carrying that weight, a long time now.

For those of you who don’t want to click the links, let me tell you that the roots of that fallen snag are suspended in the air. It may look like they are touching the ground, but they are not. (The top of the formerly standing tree is resting on the ground outside of the photo on the right.)

This little balancing act is a feature along our trail to the pond, and it happens to be fairly close to the place where we had put one of the game cameras recently. (In fact, I’ll probably put the camera there again since the critters obviously like the corn and peanuts I had seeded there. Maybe they’ll visit the location again.)

I suppose that some day I’ll come to this spot and find that the old snag has slipped off the oak and the delicate balancing act will be over. That will probably be worth a post as well.

Missouri calendar:

  • The Missouri Natural Events Calendar is blank for today.
Today in Missouri history:

  • James Craig was born on this date in 1817. He served in the Army and the state militia during the border troubles and the Civil War, keeping northwest Missouri mostly in Union control and mostly free of guerilla war.

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Sat, 01 Mar 2008 17:11:14 GMT

First sign of spring

First sign of spring
On some of the more southerly blogs I read, I’ve seen posts in recent days heralding the return of spring. Little signs are beginning to appear and everyone is beginning to feel blood stir in their veins. We still have plenty of cold weather ahead of us in my part of Missouri, though there are scattered, unseasonably warm days.

Our last trip to Roundrock was one of those warm days. I looked sharp for the signs of spring, but I think it’s still a little early. However, as I was sitting on a rock during our hike along the fence perimeter, I looked up and saw a tree filled with the buds you see above.

I’m pretty sure this is a hackberry tree. We have plenty of them in the wetter parts of our woods, and since the rock I was sitting on was on the north-facing slope, I was in the wetter part of our woods. (The rock itself was dry though.)

From what I’ve read about hackberries, I judge these buds to be male flowers. Hackberries will have both male and female flowers on the same tree.

I’m eager to get back to the woods to see how these buds are coming along (as well as just to be back in the woods). I expect each visit now will bring more signs of life.

Missouri calendar:

  • Walleye move onto shoals for spawning through April.
Today in Missouri history:

  • Missouri''s famous "Houn'' Dawg Division" was formed on this date in 1891. This part of the National Guard saw service in many important conflicts and took its name from an old song about a dog that was kicked around.

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