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Sun, 02 Sep 2007 02:41:51 GMT

Tips for transformation

Tips for transformation
Becoming an entrepreneur requires a transformation, a change from taking responsibility for a single or series of tasks to taking responsibility for the entire venture.

The bootstrap entrepreneur can almost never make this transformation all at once. Just as your new venture will grow slowly so will you, and maybe that's for the best.

Here are some thoughts about the process:

1. Take baby steps. I know someone who quit smoking in a day-successfully! Few of us can or should try. Life altering transformations are rarely split second affairs even if the decision to change came all at once. The same can be said for starting your small business.

2. Tomorrow begins today. There's no way to make progress without getting started, however. Even if you work a full-time job and can't put your full time into a new venture (been there, done that!) focus on a way you can get started and keep the momentum building.

3. Dream freely. Walking the boardwalk and sitting in a coffee shop in a large hotel during our recent Ocean City, MD, excursion, my wife and I did plenty of this. While it may seem to some the opposite of taking action, there is a huge difference between dreaming actively with your life-mate about the future and your goals and talking incessantly about the business you want to start with anyone who will listen at a family or social occasion.

4. Remain focused. One of the ways to do some of the things I'm talking about, bringing the dreaming, planning, action and momentum parts of the equation together, has to do with developing a fixed goal to shoot for (See "Building patterns for success".) This will help you navigate the hurtles without loosing site of the finish line.

5. Get to know the new you. There are certain values and priorities you have learned to accept based on your career choices and life decisions thus far. Your new life as a bootstrap entrepreneur will have a new set of values and priorities, some in conflict with the old. We're not talking about core values like your sense of right and wrong but those associated with who you are and where you are headed. Just as you won't necessarily be able to quit your present job tomorrow, your old values simply cannot be jettisoned over night. Instead you'll have to integrate the new ones as you go along, incrementally becoming the entrepreneur (and person) you want to be.

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Sun, 26 Aug 2007 16:55:06 GMT

The Power Of Search Engines

The Power Of Search Engines
Just how powerful are the major search engines? How about the rest of the spiders and crawlers?

We certainly do have an idea about how powerful Google, Yahoo and MSN are. Most of our daily activities not only include them but they play the key role to make every transaction happen. We have them as a guide, an ally, a channel, and a spy. Yes, a spy!

The American company SPOCK has recently launched a new search engine: SPOCK (public beta) which trails the names of the world's 6 billion inhabitants. Amazing, isn't it!

But there should be a warning right there. According to Jay Bhatti, founder of, the concept behind the search engine is to create a people search engine to help its users finding and discovering literally everybody on the web.

Other search engines like Google, Yahoo and Ask have provided an identical service but Spock wanted to do more by delivering specific results to the search queries.

How does work?

When you are looking for a particular person, you just enter the full name and the results will come up in the form of profiles. This information is found online from social networking sites like MySpace.

Even if the concept is very interesting, it can be pretty risky. This triggers a number of issues such as privacy. So if you don't want everybody to know you are gay or Muslim, be careful with the information you put on social networking sites!

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Sun, 26 Aug 2007 16:45:43 GMT

Nobles, Alexander Welcome Top LSI Expert

Nobles, Alexander Welcome Top LSI Expert
SEO expert wannabes, check this out:

Michael Marshall, (formerly of Fortune Interactive) partners with in a new mission to help educate North American SEO students to build new high performance optimization skills.

Two of the most respected SEO industry educators Robin Nobles and John Alexander recently welcomed Michael Marshall to their team.

John Alexander, Director of Search Engine Academy stated that, "It is a great pleasure to officially welcome Michael Marshall to our network of SEO educators as well as have Michael assisting us in developing what we believe will be the most cutting edge in hands-on SEO training. We have been working with Michael Marshall for years on a limited basis, but in this new roll it will deliver tremendous advantages to our network of SEO educators as well as our Workshop students."

Alexander continued, "Michael has degrees in Linguistics, Philosophy and Theology. In SEO circles, many will recall Michael Marshall was the brilliant mathematician that developed the LSI based program called ThemeMaster and then later on went on to develop the astonishing SEMLogic- technology which broke new ground."

Robin Nobles mentioned, "Michael will be assisting John and I in our own SEO research and SEO course development which will be rolled out to our network of SEO educators."

Nobles closed by saying that, "Some of the newest SEO sessions that Michael will be contributing to will include topics like "competitive intelligence, artificial intelligence, LSI, personalization of search, mobile search and other highly technical topics which he will be sharing at our Ultra Advanced Symposium later this year too."

John Alexander summarized "Our students can look forward to some of the best high performance strategies ever, at the upcoming Las Vegas SEO Workshop. Michael will be helping us teach advanced portions of our own SEO Mastery Workshop coming next up in Las Vegas on August 27-31:

[via: PR-GB]

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Sun, 26 Aug 2007 15:40:53 GMT

Right at Your Door.

Right at Your Door.
"Citizens of Los Angeles: You are screwed," announces Chuck Wilson from the safety of the NYC's Voice. "Three 'dirty' bombs have gone off around the city.... As setups go, this one, devised by art director (Minority Report) turned writer-director Chris Gorak, is terribly precious, and in a less threatening age might have been an easy one to shrug off.... The ending, by the way, is ridiculous (let's hope), yet totally unnerving."

"Right at Your Door never even begins to answer the questions it obviously provokes," writes Michael Joshua Rowin for indieWIRE. "9/11 iconography - toxic ash, government lies, frantic and poignant phone calls - is employed, but without a solid humanistic (War of the Worlds) or mythic (Children of Men) foundation Right at Your Door floats in an awkward limbo state."

Updated through 8/26.

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Sun, 26 Aug 2007 05:15:11 GMT

All these wonderful docs.

All these wonderful docs.
In the thick of the International Documentary Association's 11th annual DocuWeek (through Thursday), AJ Schnack, who's taken his own film to LA, Kurt Cobain About a Son ("one of the very best films of the year," says David Lowery), snaps pix and is running Tom White's talks with Alex Gibney about Taxi to the Dark Side, Joan Brooker-Marks about Larry Flynt: The Right to Be Left Alone and David Sington about In the Shadow of the Moon.

Then a few bones are picked with Gina Piccolo regarding her recent piece on docs in the Los Angeles Times: "Are we really still talking about whether or not the options are Al Maysles's verite purity or nothing at all?"

Updates, 8/21: First, the entry's been tweaked a bit; see comments. And second, another interview, this time with Irene Taylor Brodsky about Hear and Now.

Another: Paul Taylor, director of We Are Together. And Chops director Bruce Broder.

Updates, 8/22: Peter Raymont, whose A Promise to the Dead: The Exile Journey of Ariel Dorfman sees its official premiere in Toronto in a couple of weeks. And Nanking directors Bill Gutentag and Dan Sturman.

Update, 8/23: It's AJ Schnack himself this time.

Updates, 8/25: War/Dance directors Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine and The Price of Sugar director Bill Haney.

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Tue, 21 Aug 2007 03:22:50 GMT

Melville Shavelson, 1917 - 2007.

Melville Shavelson, 1917 - 2007.
US screenwriter and director Mel Shavelson has died at the age of 90..... His 1956 film, The Seven Little Foys, and his 1958 romantic comedy Houseboat were both nominated for Oscars.....

He also directed several films including Cast a Giant Shadow, starring Kirk Douglas and Yours, Mine and Ours, starring Lucille Ball. His film career saw him work with many famous faces, including Jimmy Cagney and Frank Sinatra, but Houseboat, starring Cary Grant and Sophia Loren, arguably remains his best-known film.

The author of two novels and four non-fiction books, Shavelson also served three terms as president of the Writers Guild of America, West.

The BBC.

Updated through 8/13.

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August 7, 2007, 10:23 PM CT

workable solutions for developing world

workable solutions for developing world
From left, Clarel Jerome of Haiti, a participant in MIT's International Development Design Summit; Gwyndaf Jones, a bicycle expert from the U.S., and Carlos MarroquĂ­n, a participant and Native American from Guatemala, are using a pedal-powered device to mill corn for the participants to cook. Photo / Amy Smith
Question: What do a pedal-powered grain mill, a Guatemalan bicycle mechanic, and MIT students have in common?.

Answer: The first International Development Design Summit, which has featured dozens of participants from around the world working together over the past month to create real, workable solutions to problems in the developing world.

On Wednesday, Aug. 8, IDDS participants will present the results of their efforts and their proposed solutions to the diverse range of problems they have chosen to tackle during the summit. The presentations, which are open to the public, will begin at 2 p.m. in Room 10-250, followed by project displays, poster session and reception in Lobby 10.

The summit has realized the vision of Amy Smith, who received a master's in engineering from MIT in 1995 and won a MacArthur 'genius' grant in 2004. Smith, one of the conference organizers, is dedicated to using technology to design simple yet efficient solutions for problems in the developing world.

"I believe very strongly that solutions to problems in the developing world are best created in collaboration with the people who will be using them," Smith said. "By bringing this group of people together, we get an incredibly broad range of backgrounds and experiences.........

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Mon, 06 Aug 2007 03:25:48 GMT

Old Navy is Stepping it Up

Old Navy is Stepping it Up
Surprisingly, I'm looking foward to picking up my fall/winter wardrobe at I've been looking for a cute cardi, and this one definitely fits the bill. Adorable.

Most of the warmer clothes haven't arrived yet, and neither have any of the warm shoes, but I have faith in Old Navy. I hope it does well in the upcoming season, because it seems like the designers are hard at work, and the store's in need of some success.

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Sun, 05 Aug 2007 20:19:37 GMT

Social Networking, Offline

Social Networking, Offline
Ok, get this, Star Wars has come up with a way for you to do your social networking offline. This is actually a cute idea, but I'll get to that in a moment.

Long before there were online social networking site, there was social networking. It involved going out in the real world and meeting people. You'd have your personal connections, something we call friends, not to be confused with the kind of "friends" you make at online social networking sites. It also involved business connections.

Star wars has come up with a way to connect your offline friends with your online social networking circles. They're called Get Solo social networking cards and they're actually kind of a cool idea, for those of you who want to combine your offline world with your online world anyway.

On the front is a picture of your favorite Star Wars character, along with your name. On the back are all the tid bits you want your friends to know about you. Include your Web addresses, emails, IM addresses on your social networking card. You can also tell people about your interests, likes and other things you want to share.

These would be a great ice breaker when meeting new friends or trying to find a date. It also brings people to your online social networking sites.

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Fri, 03 Aug 2007 06:30:57 GMT

Poland Under Pressure to End Rospuda River Valley Highway Work

Poland Under Pressure to End Rospuda River Valley Highway Work
Environmental groups led by Greenpeace strongly came out against and appealed the Government of Poland to rethink on its proposed plan to build a road through the Rospuda River valley, the home of many rare plant and animal species. The proposed road, part of the Via Baltica highway connecting Poland with Finland, has the potential to disturb a rare peat bog, a rare mating point for birds, protected under the EU habitat laws.

The right wing government led by Kaczynski brothers argues the construction of highway on the ground of speedy economic development. However, its construction, piercing through the Rospuda River valley, is set to bring Poland more discomfiture in the European circle. The green groups in Germany and France are already putting pressure on their governments to make the environmental clause a precondition for Polands entry into the EU.

The EU commission for environment at Brussels is also opposing the construction of the highway. The Commission is trying hard to convince Poland to go for any available alternative routes. EU is even contemplating of approaching the EU’s Court of Justice to force an injunction against beginning the construction of the highway. In such a scenario, the Polish dream to enter the EU may be jeopardized forever.

Though the highway will ensure road safety and swift traffic flow for the people of Augustow, the irreparable loss caused to the environment may cause them to pay more. Large-scale lumbering and industrial growth have destroyed almost sixty percent of the Polish environmental and forest wealth. Many rare species found 30 years ago are almost extinct now. Rospuda River valley is the last survived vestige of rare plants and animals in Poland. Any harm to it is natural to bring pan-European concern.


Via: ENN

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