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Fri, 03 Aug 2007 06:22:53 GMT

Do You Have These Tools in Your Home Office?

Do You Have These Tools in Your Home Office?
Columnist Steve Brewer enumerated some items that one with a home office should always be with:

  • A thermal mug, which will reduce the number of times you must run to the kitchen for more coffee. A mug with a lid can prevent expensive spills into the computer.

  • A set of screwdrivers. For making adjustments to your ancient swivel chair, repairing your eyeglasses or opening your computer tower, so you can do some real damage to what's inside.

  • Duct tape has a thousand uses, including emergency hair removal and securing the occasional splint.

  • Nail clippers. With no co-workers around, you can do your personal grooming right at your desk. Avoid letting the flying shards land in your keyboard.

  • A lobster bib. We work-at-home types tend to eat at our desks.

  • A threadbare bathrobe, for pulling on in a hurry when the FedEx driver rings the doorbell.

  • A yo-yo, paddle-ball or other time-wasting toy. Because nobody's watching.

  • Earplugs, for those times when children are in the house.

  • Solitaire, "Tetris" or other computer games. Everybody needs to take a break occasionally, right? Even if those "breaks" last for hours.

  • A calendar and/or a "to-do" list. You need organization and goal-setting in a home office. Otherwise, you waste all day watching old episodes of "The Munsters."

  • A box of tissues. Using your sleeve is gross, even if no one's watching.

  • Notepads, for doodling.

  • A music delivery system of some sort, in case you feel like dancing.

  • A sharp knife for opening packages. Also handy for slitting your wrists when you realize you've missed yet another deadline.

  • Finally, the most important device of all. Your home office needs a door so you can shut out your family and the rest of the world.

    As for me, I can't live without these.

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  • Fri, 03 Aug 2007 05:19:57 GMT

    Green Energy

    Green Energy
    Continuing research into the world of energy hedge funds is revealing evidence of a next wave of interest in Europe as well as an extension of the commodity trading platform into green markets.

    Specifically, this involves carbon trading, renewable energy credit trading, ethanol trading and emissions trading. The approach, like in all emerging markets with little price discovery, is to find arbitrage opportunities and a mismatch in pricing.

    This can be as simple as going long carbon in the hope that its value rises over time and as sophisticated as playing the 'regulatory arbitrage' of 'shorting' renewable energy credits in one state and 'buying long' in another. (Some 19 states have Renewal Portfolio Standards in the US).

    In the Green Hedge Fund market, taking on the regulatory risk takes some degree of both government policy and market knowledge to be successful. Other green venues include biofuel trading such as ethanol and other plays in biomass for power generation.

    Alternative energy includes not only wind and solar but also biomass, ethanol, distributed generation plays such as fuel cells and micro turbines. One other emerging technology play is the rising interest in photo voltaic nanotechnology that may make radical improvements in electricity generation from the traditional 8 to 10% efficiency to 15% and much higher.

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    Sat, 28 Jul 2007 22:53:04 GMT

    Ford Plans Small Cars for Australia

    Ford Plans Small Cars for Australia
    The changing preferences and tastes of Australian buyers have prompted Ford to introduce small cars in the market. Ford will begin the manufacture of Ford Focus in Australia in 2011. Both, the petrol as well as the diesel variant will be available.

    To gear up for the 40,000 cars that it plans to manufacture annually, approximately 300 jobs will be added to the Campbellfield manufacturing assembly plant. The Focus small car in Australia will be produced alongside its current Falcon and Territory model lines. With the manufacture of the Focus, the Campbellfield manufacturing assembly plant will return to full capacity utilization. The companys stamping plant in Geelong will see more action as well.

    Australian component manufacturers will also have a piece of the cake, as some components will be sourced from local manufacturers. 15,000 of the cars produced will be for export to the New Zealand and South African markets, nearly double the number of Ford Australias vehicle exports currently.

    Launch of the Focus in Australia also signifies the movement of the customer to smaller, more fuel-efficient cars, a trend that takes them away from the large 6-cylinder engines to the smaller 4-cylinder engines. Ford Focus gives a good fuel economy with 5.6litres/100km; the Carbon dioxide emissions are low as well.

    Ford Australia President Mr. Tom Gorman said:

    Ford Australia will be the first local car manufacturer to respond to these changing market dynamics in this manner. We look forward to offering Australians their first locally produced small car in more than a decade.

    Of all new cars sold in Australia year-to-date, small cars have accounted for 21.7%, up from 15.4% in 1998. It looks like the small car market is in a surge the world over, and the auto industry is gearing up to face the changing market equations.

    [Courtesy: Ford]

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    Fri, 27 Jul 2007 02:27:19 GMT

    M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher

    Via - Quoted - The Marines have designated the new weapon the M-32 Multiple shot Grenade Launcher (M-32 MGL, or M-32 MSGL). According to Jane's Defence Weely (January 11, 2006), the U.S. Marine Corps has purchased approx 9,000 units of the new (updated/upgraded) weapon system. Milkor USA could not confirm this number.

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    Fri, 27 Jul 2007 02:21:52 GMT

    Microsoft: Expect Windows installed base to hit 1 billion

    Via ZDNet - Quoted - The Windows installed base will hit the 1 billion mark by the end of Microsoft's fiscal 2008 (which ends on June 30), according to Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO. "There will be more PCs running Windows than automobiles at that point," Ballmer told attendees of the company's annual Financial Analyst Meeting (FAM) in Redmond on July 26.

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    Fri, 27 Jul 2007 01:16:18 GMT

    Tiger Beer: Discover the Tiger

    Tiger Beer: Discover the Tiger
    This controversial poster advertisement was meant for promoting Tiger Beer, which attracted several complaints in Ireland. The advertisement titled, By the neck has shown a man stretched backward and naked from the waist up and a female grasping his neck with one hand and an open blade of a ‘cut throat’, shaving razor to his throat in the other hand. One of the complaints observed that while the woman seems to be shaving the man, but no saving cream is visible on his face and alleged that the advertisement gave the impression that it was acceptable behavior to drink Tiger Beer and hold a knife to another person’s throat.

    Another complaint held that the advertisement was extremely violent in nature and therefore offensive. It also extended that holding a razor to anyone’s throat in a public advertisement was not acceptable. As a matter of fact, there was no apparent connection between the illustration and the beer. The ASA upheld the complaints and ordered immediate withdrawal of the advertisement in present form.

    Via Best Rejected Advertising

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    Tue, 24 Jul 2007 23:25:00 GMT

    High Gas Prices Hurt Consumer Spending

    High Gas Prices Hurt Consumer Spending
    Reuters reported that the record gas prices currently afflicting the U.S. (and world) consumer is having an impact on consumer spending. With the national average remaining at around $3 per gallon of unleaded, buyers are having to cutback on "personal consumption expenditures" like taking roadtrips or eating out.

    "When gas prices spike, there seems to be a downturn in other discretionary spending, particularly retail spending," said AAA spokesman Geoff Sundstrom.

    When will prices come down finally? No one, least of all the federal government knows for sure. But historical patterns point to September as the month when prices ease.

    [Source: Reuters]

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    Tue, 24 Jul 2007 17:26:36 GMT

    Are We Heading Towards a Vegetarian Diet?

    Are We Heading Towards a Vegetarian Diet?
    There have been always arguments whether vegetarian or non veg diet is good for human health. Logics come flooding supporting each options almost equally. But a recent study shows somehow vegetarians are doing a favour almost unknowingly towards the reduction of greenhouse effects. Beware meat eaters; may be you are directly contributing towards global warming. In a recent study it is claimed that producing 2.2lb of beef generates as much greenhouse gas as of a car that runs nonstop for three hours. Most of the greenhouse gas emissions are in form of methane, released from the digestive system of the animal. Su Taylor, the press officer for the Vegetarian Society, told New Scientist

    Everybody is trying to come up with different ways to reduce carbon footprints, but one of the easiest things you can do is to stop eating meat

    There has been strange and unusual ways that cause global warming. Now with a burning issue of green house effect and the environmental change in all over the world, this research will be a shock to those who live on a non veg diet. If the theory is proved, then there will be a speculation whether beef or other meat products should be banned worldwide.

    This is however, a complex situation. People are always reluctant to change a single thing from their lifestyle in order to prevent global warming. There has been some awareness these days, but in spite of that the effect of global warming is gradually increasing everyday. So there will be a strong protest from the people who specially depend on meat products for their living. This study may spark controversies all over, as there will be no way to actually prevent people from eating meat. This will be completely unbelievable to introduce legislation to prevent the entire human community stop eating meat and rely on vegetarian diet. But if further research confirms this story, then we will definitely need some measure to control the use of meat. May be the time has come to rely on some alternative diet.


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    Tue, 24 Jul 2007 11:37:45 GMT

    00% Water and Sun Proof

    00% Water and Sun Proof
    Prockey Pen launched this interesting print advertisement campaign to promote its marker in an unusual manner. The campaign aims at focusing its quality of being complete sun and waterproof as the main strength of the product, at the same time it has attempted to sensationalize the campaign to some extent by publishing these skinny advertisements. A closer look of the advertisements reveals that the models appearing in the campaign are not wearing any clothes but they have painted their body with the marker. As a matter of fact, these products are usually used by children and these markers are comparatively less prevalent in offices, thereby the campaign seems to be targeting smaller chunk of potential customers.

    The presentation of the campaign is apparently enticing for people due to obvious reasons. Moreover, using the same concept in all three advertisements seems to be slightly stretching. The text of the advertisement read, 100% water and Sun proof. The campaign was created by Ogilvy, Bangkok, Thailand.

    Via Twenty Four

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    Tue, 24 Jul 2007 07:53:24 GMT

    GPS-Based Air Traffic Control

    GPS-Based Air Traffic Control
    Via Slashdot - Quoted - With the growing number of planes in the air setting its archaic radar-based air traffic control on a course toward 'total system collapse,' the FAA has quietly Via Slashdot on Alaska Airlines 737s. While radar can take over half a minute to determine a plane's location, GPS technology known as ADS-B broadcasts an aircraft's position to controllers and nearby pilots essentially in real time.

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