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Thu, 30 Apr 2009 17:25:26 GMT

Coffee Spice Rub

Coffee Spice Rub
With the beautiful warm weather of this past weekend, many in the Northeast pulled out their barbecues for the first time this season.  Too hot for coffee, but still interested in getting having a fun buzz?  Try Zingerman"s Roadhouse Spicy Rub at your next cook out!  This fun and spicy blend combines coffee with Urfa red pepper, Tellicherry Black Pepper, cloves, and Portuguese sea salt.  It adds flavor to beef, chick and pork.  For more information, visit the product page here, or read Christine Darragh"s blog entry about Coffee Spice Rub $10, 2oz jar).

Image is the property of Zingerman"s

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Thu, 30 Apr 2009 08:30:20 GMT

Histoires de Parfum - 1876

Histoires de Parfum - 1876
I thoroughly enjoy the concept behind the scent "library" collection created by Gerald Ghislain, founder of Histoires de Parfum. 1876 was one of the clear cut winners when I first experienced this scent at a recent launch party for the brand. 1876 is inspired by Mata Hari, who was a unique and mysterious female character.

Although this is billed as a floral and does have a significant amount of rose, I wouldn"t call it your typical rose scent at all. The opening notes on me were much more fruity in character - I loved the orange and bergamot notes which began melding with a very unusual litchi note, (that remained throughout the life of the scent) into the dry down. The rose is masterfully used here, and slowly allowed the iris and violet to also peak in as well.

The actual dry down is glorious! It is a luscious white musk/wood that is sweet in a vanilla sense, but not cloying and "gourmand" without being obvious. The staying power is very nice, although this is on the lighter, drier side, so a few spritzes at the end of the day were necessary for me, but a treat nonetheless. This is really a captivating scent that a woman who loves to stand out with her fragrance is sure to love." - RLB

Top notes - bergamot, orange and litchi
Middle notes - rose, iris, violet, caraway, cinnamon and carnation
Base notes - vetiver, guaiac wood and sandalwood

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Fri, 24 Apr 2009 04:50:35 GMT

20 Creative Ways To Reuse Egg Cartons

20 Creative Ways To Reuse Egg Cartons
Egg cartons are obvious items in almost every modern house and a significant portion of the trash we generate.

Yet, from modern art and high-class lighting sets to beds for cats, seed starters and toys - there are countless of ways egg cartons can be reused and otherwise useful.

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Wed, 22 Apr 2009 20:42:54 GMT

DoubleTwist gets funding; goes big.

DoubleTwist gets funding; goes big.
DoubleTwist is the new piece of software to come out of the mind of the notorious DVD Jon; the man who broke the original DVD copy protection. It's set to be something pretty big too; aiming to allow users to import media from from anywhere, and have it all in a single playable format, without having to worry about the complexities of setting encoding paramiters or possibly even cracking encryption.

They've just got funding and are now demoing a windows version, check it out!

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Wed, 22 Apr 2009 12:46:48 GMT

So What is a Sports Car? Answer Below

So What is a Sports Car? Answer Below
The 1938 Jaguar SS100 is, to my mind, the epitome of what a sports car should be. Never mind the lack of an envelope body and modern conveniences, one look at the SS100 and you know this is a car meant to be driven just for the sheer joy of driving. It is also the car that made Jaguar, and founder Sir William Lyons, household names in even the most dour of households. I came upon this particular car through the ClassicDriver site, which was featuring a new UK enterprise, Historic Classics, an outgrowth of specialist retailer "Eagle E-Types ." Proprietor Henry Pearman plans to limit the offerings to 25 cars.... but oh, what cars they are! Feast your eyes on the Historic Classics Web site and you'll begging your wealthy grandmother for a share of her will in advance.

Of the SS100 Pearman tells a fascinating tale: "That Jaguar has been in 72 different magazine features, over the years; it's the ex-Dave Garroway car. He was one of the country's main TV celebrities of the early 1950s; the original host of the Today show. He put a great big supercharger on the SS engine and blew it up (of course), so he persuaded Jaguar to let him buy a brand-new XK120 engine, which they'd never normally release. Garroway fitted that engine in 1951 and he campaigned and kept the car for over 30 years." Jay Leno never hosted the Today show but he became the star of the Tonight show and is now a renowned car collector. Hmmm.... there must be something in that hosting business.

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Wed, 22 Apr 2009 00:13:08 GMT

Daily Outfit - 17th April 2009

Daily Outfit - 17th April 2009
All dressed up to go to dinner at Pure Food & Wine with Dhrumil, Philip McCluskey, Anthony, Shazzie & Kris Carr. The raw dream team!

It was a totally beautiful night, as you can see. New York City really turned it on.

Three handmade cupcake necklaces by Lucid New York — & you can use the code LN1D to get 10% off anything on the site!
ModCloth’s Style Inspiration dress
Two cupcake rings by Cupcakes & Mace, skull ring by Tarina Tarantino, diamante ring by Dyrberg/Kern, crown ring from my sweet friend Mary Bee
Manolo Blahniks

I’ve been operating from two suitcases worth of clothing (& 8 pairs of shoes) since the end of February & I am starting to feel sliiiiightly nuts… But then this dress, the necklaces & the rings showed up, giving me some much-needed respite! The rest of my clothing is in New Zealand, & I plan to have it sent over soon! (Can’t wait!)

I had such a great evening. It is a total honour to spend time with friends who make you feel so special & so loved. You should check out all of their sites, because they are all complete superheroes. Also, you can see photos from the night here!

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Tue, 21 Apr 2009 21:04:14 GMT

What's Fresh, Toronto? Ramps!

What's Fresh, Toronto? Ramps!
As the growing season gets started, I want to keep track of what is becoming available each step of the way, and will share my findings in my new farm fresh feature "What"s Fresh, Toronto?"

Right now, ramp season is ramping up. What"s a ramp you ask? Also known as wild leeks, ramps (Allium tricoccum) are a member of the onion family. They look kind of like scallions with their white bulb at the bottom, but have a purplish stem and green leaves at the top. All parts are edible and very, very tasty.

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Tue, 21 Apr 2009 17:58:59 GMT

Dior Lilas Addict Collection

Dior Lilas Addict Collection

(image from

One reader, CedriCeCCentriC, kindly left a comment under my post on Dior"s summer 2009 makeup collection and brought my attention to the Lilas Addict collection on the Dior France website. (Thank you very much!) Some of the items here look gorgeous, and the name of the collection echoes my love (or addiction?) for lilac shades........

The collection includes new shades of Addict High Shine, Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect and Dior Vernis. The eyeshadow palette in the photo appears to be the 129 Pearly Lilac that is a Neiman Marcus exclusive in the US. (Many thanks to Betsy at Autumn Masquerade for letting me know this a while ago.) It reminds me very slightly of Coffret D"Or 3D Lighting Eyes in Purple Variation.

I would love to see Pearly Lilac in person, but I am not entirely sure at the moment whether it will be available in the UK. I certainly hope so, and I will update this post when I have more information.

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Tue, 21 Apr 2009 13:03:56 GMT

Diandra Forrest and Shaun Ross

Diandra Forrest and Shaun Ross
S: Nunu111/TFS

Shawn Ross and Diandra Forrest for Osklen. I wrote about Diandra earlier this year. She didn"t get any bookings during NY Fashion Week aside from the Arise show, so it"s nice to see her still working. Likewise, Shaun Ross appeared on the runway for only one designer this year and spoke to NY Magazine in February about the challenges he has faced as a albino and a model. The ads do reek of tokenism but I can"t help but admire how beautiful the two models look together here.

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Tue, 21 Apr 2009 09:14:26 GMT

Giant Magazine - May 2009 - Naomi Campbell

Giant Magazine - May 2009 - Naomi Campbell
I have nothing to say. The picture speaks for itself

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