The Solar System in a Shirt

The Solar System in a Shirt
Hi, Grasshoppers - Long time no see!
Since we last spoke, I turned 21 (a few weeks ago), bought a really cute pair of ankle boots (my old ones tragically started disintegrating on the inside - yuck!), had a horrible case of the stomach flu, and finished up a semester of school. I hope you"ve all been well!
I"ve been super busy, but I thought I"d pop by and say hello. I also thought I"d show you the shirt I just ordered on Amazon. $13.65 (youth XL = cheaper than adult small any day) and positively galactic! Rawr! It"s also by the company who does the three wolf shirts, which I find amusing.
I"m on winter break right now, and I"m hoping to get in a real post (read: one that takes a bit more effort than this one) before I get back to school. I know I"ve been neglecting this blog, but rest assured it"s only because I am hard at work on other things and very, very happy.
Again, as usual, I am much more active on tumblr. Come say hi!

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