Reduce your overheads with VMware hosting

Reduce your overheads with VMware hosting
Businesses have had a hard time of late with the global recession which has affected all of us in one way or another. Companies are looking for ways to tighten their belts and reduce their overheads and one method that has emerged is the use of VMware hosting solutions for their IT needs.

VMware hosting can be an especially prudent investment for SMEs with relatively few IT requirements where buying and maintaining a server in house, which may only be using a fraction of its capacity to run the email and data systems, just does not make sense anymore. Plus with an in house server you need an in house IT team to look after it, deal with issues and software updates and you run the risk of downtime if the server breaks down.

What is VMware Hosting
VMware technology allows a server to be compartmentalised, with each compartment acting as a virtual server in its own right and running its own operating system. Hosting companies can offer hosting on server stacks running VMware technology and support the IT requirements of multiple companies on a fraction of the hardware and energy that would be being used if each company were using their own in house systems. As the cost of running and supporting the systems is spread across the clients, the hosting companies can offer the services at much lower cost to each client than if they kept everything in house.

100% run time
Because a VMware hosting company is running a number of servers, they can move hosting around on the machines to allow for software upgrades or maintenance on any one machine that requires it without downtime of service for any of it's clients.

Green hosting
With multiple companies hosting their IT requirements on a reduced number of servers, the overall energy consumption for running and supporting the systems is reduced helping to lower the environmental impact and lower each company's carbon footprint.

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